Sea LTD (SE) (ISA account)

Hi All,

Is anyone clear on the reason why Sea LTD is not available for ISA accounts

as far as I am aware Instead of listing on the Singapore Exchange (SGX), the company is floated on the New York Stock Exchange.

What am I missing? What would make it not ISA compliant.

If it can be added please do so!

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SEA is an ADR on the NYSE which means it’s primary listing must be elsewhere.

Maybe i’m missing something but i cant seem to find its primary listing anywhere else except for on the new york stock exchange

Instead of listing on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in its hometown of Singapore, the company chose to be floated on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017.

Does that help?

If the ADR is its only public listing that doesn’t make it automatically suitable for an ISA. It’s the underlying asset that must trade on a HMRC recognised exchange.

Seas underlying asset does not, therefore its eligibility is questionable.

FinKi ISA API says ‘No’

The SEC filings don’t identify a listing for the ‘Ordinary A class’ on which the ADRs are based.

A scan of worldwide markets revealed no listing other than the ADR (which is listed on multiple exchanges but that’s not a factor as the ‘parent’ has to be found)

Therefore it’s a pretty easy ISA decision - ‘No’