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This one seems too obvious, or maybe i’m doing something wrong, but when i go to do a search and type in a companies ticker, that company does not come up. Only when i type the whole name or partial name does it come up on the list.

I usually type TICKER, , as you can see in the description the ticker is followed by a comma. It works. :joy:

Do you mean “, OGI” or “,OGI”, or “OGI,”

Still doesn’t seem to work for me.


Works in the Android App, haven’t tried in the webapp. Lemme check.

Alright, doesn’t work in the webapp sadly.
And while it works to search for “nasdaq ogi” for example, it still has the same problem and you can’t search for “nasdaq:ogi”.

This definitely needs solving, I know of a few companies that would get really hard to find if I couldn’t use the comma trick in the Android app; so definitely an issue here for all web users.

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Thanks for checking.

Definitely needs looking into @Team212

Hey @MaxZorin :wave:

Searching for a specific company using its ticker is something that we currently offer. However, in this case, other companies also pop up as “OGI” is part of words such as logic and technologies.

The workaround @Zergui offers for the mobile app is spot on as it works on Android and iOS. Still, your feedback is noted, and we’d love to know if you’ve faced this with other companies.


Hey @Momchil.G

As @Zergui pointed out the workaround doesn’t work on the web app.

In my opinion the search feature should be able to put OGI at the top of the list if a DIRECT match is found.

Another option would be a “search by ticker” button on the search bar, or putting quote marks around the word “OGI” to signify it as a ticker might be another method.



Also i appreciate you taking on board our comments and suggestions, but i don’t think its very good relying on workarounds for what is in this day and age basic search functionality.

I think both should be features; a direct ticker match should be displayed first, and we should be able to search by ticker with a certain syntax; the usual EXCHANGE:TICKER for example, or some bracket/quotes format.



Any word on this? I appreciate all your hard work in continuing to improve T212, but please guy’s, this is one of the worst examples of a search engine i’ve ever used and frustrates me daily.

We are exploring options to smoothen the user experience in that regard, @MaxZorin.

In the meantime, you can type in the company ticker in brackets to exclude all irrelevant results. E.g if you type in (OGI) the search engine will display only the OrganiGram stock without having to sieve through results like technologies, logistics etc.

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Greatly appreciated! :+1:

We’ve recently implemented a new engine that allows you to search with ISIN numbers, CEO, information from the company details section, and more. In other words, it should be easier now to find instruments using specific information related to them.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think :fist_right: :fist_left:


This is great news! Thanks for listening.