Company not in the market

What does it mean when I search for a company but they are not on the stock market?


What do you mean?

You searched Google and there was no ticker information? That would mean the company is either private or a fully owned subsidiary of some other public company(so basically still private, but you can throw money at the parent company).

Or you have the ticker info and the company is not on T212?

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Ah, thanks Matt, I kind of guessed that but I wasn’t sure, what do you mean by a ticker, sorry forgive my ignorance?


The ticker would be the code used to identify the stock (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft, AAPL for Apple, SBUX for Starbucks, KO for Coca-Cola company, etc)

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OK, I get you now, cheers.
You just educated me lol, I now understand when I read posts where people are asking T212 to put certain companies on.


What company are you looking for?

I not long ago switched my energy company from British Gas to Bulb so I was looking for Bulb.


Bulb is a private company, not publicly traded :slight_smile:

I also read that Octopusy energy is a rising star but couldn’t find them either.


Octopus energy is a fully owned subsidiary of octopus capital limited which itself is a privately owned company also. So no public trading for that either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha Ha sorry Octopus my mistake, yes thought so after I read your earlier reply.

I have notice too when I do a search on T212 sometimes it doesn’t show the company, then later I’m looking at something else and I see the company I was searching for earlier in the list.

What I do sometimes to pass the time I type in 3 letters in the search and it is surprising what pops up.


Hi, I’m looking to invest in two US stocks missing in the platform such as MSCI and Essential Utilities (WTRG).
What is the appropriate way to ask if they could be added to the platform as fractional shares?

Also are there any plans to add stocks from other Eu markets such as scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and also from Italy?

you post it to Stocks & ETFs requests.
however, no timeline is given until they are added.