Search function in social tab

Dear Trading 212 Team,

As an enthusiastic user of your platform, I am always looking for ways to improve my trading skills and gain new insights. The social tab of the app provides a great opportunity to participate in community discussions and learn from other traders.

However, I would like to suggest a few enhancements to make the community experience even more valuable. Firstly, I believe that adding a search function within the social tab would be immensely helpful. This would allow users to quickly find relevant posts on topics that interest them, such as news about specific stocks or discussions on particular trading strategies. As someone actively engaged in aggressive investing, I would particularly appreciate being able to find and share opinions and insights from other aggressive investors.

Additionally, I propose adding specific social pages focused on different trading strategies or themes, such as day trading, swing trading, and so on. This would enable traders like myself to join communities tailored to our specific interests and exchange valuable ideas.

I believe that these additions would significantly enhance the community experience on Trading 212 and provide us as users with even more opportunities to share and acquire knowledge. I look forward to enriching my experience on the platform by hearing the opinions of other aggressive investors and sharing my own insights.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @Dion24 :raised_hands:

Introducing a Search function to the in-app Social is something that the team is already working on. There’s no ETA that I can provide you with as of now, but we’ll share more as soon as we’re closer to the release of the feature.

Regarding your feedback about having community pages for specific trading styles, we already have day-trading and value investing pages. Still, I see how this can be expanded, and I’ll forward your feedback to the team :pray: