Section allocation questions

This is my rough current sector allocation by GICS sectors

Info tech 15%
Consumer staples 20%
Consumer discretionary 10%
Financials 30%
Comm services 5%
Industrials 10%
Utilities 10%

Comparing to FTSE and S&P500, I am obviously overweight consumers and financials and underweight info tech.

What’s your sector allocation now and do you think info tech and any stocks related to tech-ish areas are in bubble territory?

Don’t let sectors dictate your investment choices, assign your own sectors or even better just divide your shares into just two groups “cyclical” and “non-cyclical”

The reason behind me saying something as absurd as this is this following example classification of SNP:
Apple -> Technology
Amazon -> Consumer Disc.
Facebook -> Communication
Visa -> Services

When I create taxonomies for these shares I mark them as all “tech”

Edit: After my own classification I am 49% Tech 15% Reit, yes reit is a sector for me :slight_smile:

i guess everything ends up being in tech…

this is exactly my worry for how i think about my allocations.