Portfolio Balance

Hello you very wonderful and intelligent individuals that make up these forums. I sincerely hope you are having a good weekend and are in good health.

I was kindly wondering with the turbulent last few years and the economy being unstable, what your portfolio balance is like please. For instance i know some people have a certain percentage in an All World Index ETF, then possibly a certain percentage in stocks. Can i very kindly please ask what percentage you have in ETFs, stocks and any other alternative investments like gold for instance? Lastly if you please had time would you very kindly be able to leave the names of the funds and stocks you have purchased? If you could kindly help with this i would be forever grateful, i am fairly new to investing, starting 3 years ago, ive found it difficult as i got into investing around the Coronavirus time.

If anyone could kindly help with this i would be forever grateful and it would help me research new investment ideas and hopefully balance my portfolio better. I primarily had 100% in stocks, in the UK and US, some large cap and some small cap.

I have learned so much by being part of this amazing forum and talking to you wonderful people here. Thanks so much for your kindness, everyone here is fantastic and been very helpful, i cant thank you all enough. Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you continue to achieve massive success in the stock market. Very best wishes to you and hope you stay happy and healthy. Take care.

Everyones investment strategy is different. If you are prepared to invest long term, and are inexperienced, then you may probably be best with VWRP or HMWO as I suspect you already know.

Ideally find an all world equity tracker with a low fee, and keep on increasing your position steadily over time. Time in the market is key and timing the market is difficult even for the best.

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I now have 40% of my pension and 20% of my Isa in trackers. I’ve slowly reduced my passive positions over many years as I’ve become more knowledgeable and confident about active investing. I like the core-satellite strategy as it allows you to make mistakes and learn with say 10% of your portfolio initially without kiboshing your life earnings.

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If you are using pies, you can use Backtest Portfolio on Portfoliovisualizer.com to determine the optimal weighting.

Just fill in the ticker symbols and in each column different percentages and then backtest on historical prices.