Seeking for advise for investment

Hi Trading 212 Community I am pleased to part of these great people’s I am new here i want your valuable advise to grow here
Secondly how is this side for investment

Hi @559001540, welcome to the community. Can you explain what you would like further information on?

We cannot and do not provide advice, however someone here may be able to point you towards available resources if you explain a bit more what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Fist of thanks lot for answering and giving me time as i am new on this platform i want to know if i will invest what are the charges and fee when i will buy the shares of any company
Secondly if so.e one had experience person would be appreciates to share some reference if possible

Hi and welcome

It would be helpful if you provided more info. For example, your trading experience so far, your objectives and whether you are using invest or isa accounts.

Trading on T212 is free (of T212 commission/fees) but there are fx fees. However, in the invest account you can hold multiple currencies so if you are repeatedly trading stock in a particular foreign currency you don’t have to keep incur fx fees.

It is important to understand that every stock has a bid/offer (buy/sell) price and they are different (the difference being the spread). T212 doesn’t display the spread or the bid/offer and simply displays the last trade price. If you are buying and selling something like BP that’s probably fine but for smaller companies and for stock that is illiquid the spread (the difference between buy and sell price) can be significant and only knowing the last trade price can be an issue. I would therefore strong recommend you research limit orders and for illiquid stock use limit orders or check what the buy/sell price is and that you’re happy with it.

If you can give specific questions I’m sure that there are many people here who will be happy to help

Thank you so much for prompt Ripleying
Experience on international market jsut 01 month ( Biggner) but I have experience from PSX KES100 since Fab 2023
And my account is not CFD
Mainly i will be comfortabled with only two currency $ and £

If you can I would strongly recommend that you use an account in demo (virtual money) mode for a while first.

You may want to learn about the basics such as placing trades/orders, order types, etc. particular since T212 doesn’t display bid/offer pricing. An alternative would be to just use very small amounts. With T212 the minimum order is generally £1 and there is no commission (except fx) so you can just get used to the system with tiny trades (ie deposit £30 and place £3 trades/orders) - but I’d suggest trying it in demo mode first.

There are some good tutorial videos so I would also watch them.

Have you considered what you are going to invest in, your strategy, your goals…?

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The most important question is how long are you willing to invest for, that will help determine your risk appetite.

Second question is what is your base currency?

If EUR then the LifeStrategy funds could be a good start, or if you’re willing to go 100% equity, then VWCE Vanguard FTSE All World Index ETF could be an option. It invests in almost 6800 stocks globally, and fees of 0.22%

I would suggest you look to start by building a core portfolio of ETFs if you are looking to invest long term, and use the practice account if you would like to have a go at picking individual stocks, to see how you would go without risking your own funds.

ETF wise - this is a good resource:

In particular I like the below volatility/return section

And the performance chart:

Only invest money you can afford to leave in the market - you wouldn’t want to have to take your money out in say March '20, and miss the recovery for example.

All the best with your research / investing!

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Mr Wake Bundle of thans for your valuable and very informative reply I love that your above advise and suggestions
1, could you please explain me what demo virtual acc placing orders and account top up withdrawals I new it but this spread pricing i don’t have knowledge
Secondly: could you please send some reference for training purpose any good institute

Hello. I think you need to start from the basics and get a reasonable understanding of how the stock market and investing work before investing real money.

A demo account is where you have an account but it isn’t using real money. You can open the account in demo mode and it has some virtual money in the account. You can trade and use the account as normal and thus learn how everything works and practice investing. You can buy and sell shares as you would with real money but it is just virtual; you aren’t actually buying and selling but the numbers are real so you can see if you make a profit etc. If you are unsure how to open the account in demo mode contact T212 customer service and I am sure they will help you.

Shares have a buy and sell price (several different names used - bid/offer, ask price…). You buy at the buy price and sell at the sell price. The sell price will be less than the buy price so when you buy a share you are immediately at a loss. The difference between buy and sell prices is called the spread. This depends on many things but in simple terms depends on how actively a share is traded. If you look at BP, Apple, Tesla… the spread will be very small (so the buy and sell prices are very close) but if you look at a small company that is not traded very much then the spread can be significant so the sell price could be several percent below the buy (ie sell price = 96% of buy price). If you buy a share with a 2% spread you will be immediately at a 2% loss when you buy so the price has to go up by more than 2% for you to get into profit.

There are lots of options and strategies for investing. One of the basic options is whether to buy and sell shares in individual companies (ie BP, Microsoft, Rolls Royce…) or whether to buy a “fund”. There are many types of fund including investment trusts, EFT… In simple terms you can buy and sell them as you would a share in an individual company (at least the funds available via T212). Some products will simply track an “index” eg you could have a FTSE100 tracker than will simply go up and down in price as the FTSE100 goes up and down. There are many tracker funds so you can have a tracker fund that tracks a particular index (is FTSE100), sector (ie technology), etc. Tracker funds are basically operated by bots so don’t require much/any human management and thus have low management fees. Other funds are managed and have a slightly higher management fee. Each fund will define what it will invest in so you may have a fund that invests geographically (ie UK, Europe, US, China…), or specific areas (ie technology, energy, renewables, property) or (type of company (ie small companies, large companies…) and some funds may focus on growth or other income. There is a very wide range. They don’t always produce good returns but generally they are regarded as safer (less risky) than investing in individual companies because you’re investing in a range of companies and hopefully the fund is well managed.

T212 has a lot of videos so depending on what you want to do I would recommend looking at those first. There are also websites such as investopedia which are a good source of information.

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Mr Dougal I am thankful to so nice of you greatly appreciated your thoughts and advise yes first of all i am looking for training how to pricing
Secondly as i am new Biggner i need the kind support how to grow i have spare some capital for this platform just getting experience and then i will fund it

Hi Mr WakeMeup
I am so thankful to you giveing me so grateful advise and information so nice of you please keep it up the good work
Warm Regards

I highly recommend starting with the basics. Understanding how the stock market and investing work is crucial. A practical way to do this is by using a demo account. A demo account allows you to open an account without using real money. Instead, you get access to virtual funds, which you can use to practice trading and get a feel for the platform. Moreover, for more in-depth knowledge and guidance on investing, I suggest checking out They provide a wealth of resources, articles, and insights that can be incredibly helpful as you embark on your investment journey. They cover various investment strategies, market analysis, and tips for both beginners and experienced investors.