How do I invest and trade on Trading212?

I have a Trading212 account for 3 months but I am only starting to invest and still learning for investing and trading. I know of other people investing and trading on Trading212. I want to invest and trade on Trading212 and earn money fast. Although, I have some questions. What is the difference between investing and trading? How do I invest and trade on Trading212? How much minimum do I need to invest and trade, how much can I earn on investing and trading on Trading212 and is investing and trading on a stable income/a stable income on Trading 212? I appreciate very much any help.

Investing and trading trough stock is basically the same only the tactic is different. In both cases you buy stocks and sell them when you hit your goals or lose interest / faith.

In general trading is short term and investing is long term (hold long indefinitely)

As minimal money I would say only as much as you can miss for a prolonged period like 3 to 5 years, the longer the better. There is no real minimum on the platform but I wouldn’t bother with less than 50€$pound as starting amount. Adding funds whenever available.

Since you’re just starting, this is a recipe for disaster! The majority of experienced traders fail to do this most of the time so if anyone tells you that you can make money fast run as fast as possible! However, this is not to say it can’t be done. But first things first you need to educate yourself thoroughly before you even attempt to take such big risks. I can guarantee you will end up losing. If you want to be a day trader there are plenty of resources to help you on your way. You only need to put in 20 hours to learn and then after you can start to put it into practice.

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Hello I want to earn a stable income from trading or investing fast but I am very fresh and new and have A LOT of things to learn about trading and investing. Can you walk-through and guide me on what I should do, the hows and how to earn fast please?

So in the beginning I need to spend money to buy stocks to invest and trade?

If that is the case, I want to invest as I am really needing regular stable long term passive incomes.

Is your 3rd paragraph answer for investing generally or investing on Trading212? Either way, I can invest with anything above 50€/$/£ on Trading212 and generally? I am interested in investing in Trading212. Can anyone fully teach me and guide me please?

you cannot earn a stable income from trading or investing, the market could crash at anytime, unless you are a psychic you have no chance. If it was possible many people would love to achieve this goal but it’s not possible long term and anyone who says it can be done is deluded. build a portfolio and invest for the long term riding the highs and lows of the market and stop trying to get rich quick.

Good response :clap:t5::clap:t5:. That is what I realised. I think only insider traders make money fast.

Some shares make money in the short term but not a lot unless you invest a lot of money. It takes money to make money in this stock and share game.

Best to have an investment mindset. Mixed with a bit of short to mid term investments strategies. Otherwise good luck :crossed_fingers:t6:

Ok so I just want to start investing on Trading212 fast. So what I need to do, is build a portfolio and invest for the long term on my Trading212 account? Is that what you are saying? Please clarify to me if I should do something else to start investing fast. Should I invest on my Trading212 invest, CFD or ISA account and how much minimum can I start investing? Please guide me all the steps step by step on how to start investing on Trading212.

Maybe search YouTube for lessons on trading and use the T212 Practice Account.

You can invest or trade in whatever you want. It’s up to you what you invest in and how much. Make sure you research each company you invest in first before buying their shares.

I suggest YouTube for some investing for beginners tutorials and T212 Practice account.

Best wishes

Please, be very careful, you have all the requirements to lose all your money.

Sorry for not being so polite as the other colleagues here but it needs to be told you.

There is no way to earn money fast without probably losing everything that you are gambling, yes, gambling, it’s not investment or trading.

Please, educate yourself at few months before put a single cent in any investment platform, read books, find historical data about trading to understand why the majority of people just lose money, it’s not about option, it’s fact.

I really don’t want to be this person, but it’s really frustrating for me to see people with good intentions trying to use stock market as a easy and save way to make money and don’t say anything.
Sorry for that.

The stock market is amazing, you can have amazing results here… but not before a long time of studies and understanding all the risks involved.



I am around intermediatte level of an investor, I have some years of investing in various platforms before such as money maybe cryptocurrencies too but I never invested in shares and stocks before and I know I need to learn, study and have a lot of knowledge and understanding of investments and investment platforms, their profits, how much minimum I need to invest, any risks, low or high risks and many more details and at the same time I really need some good stable and long term if not possible, as long as I can earn investments and passive incomes. Could you please direct me what’s the best way to go about this?

Thank you. I will try them out.

If you have not invested in shares before, then please classify approach it as a beginer and learn. Research. Please do not invest before you understand and you have researched, otherwise there is a very high risk of losing ALL your investment.

As StellaWilkins mentions above, the Practice account can be a good place to start. I believe it uses “practice money” , not real money.

Note: Please do NOT touch CFDs at all untill you are an advanced investor and fully understand.

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“earn money fast”

Then do some overtime.

If you could do this with no training and no background and get rich quick people wouldn’t be on 6/7figure salaries doing it.

Unless you already have a huge chunk of cash theres no quick unless your lucky in which case the lottery is cheaper

Although I’m impressed by this thread how many Robin hood get rich quick "it’s easy no problem I paid my mortgage " style threads are there about on the internet

T212 community has your back be safe, be slow and be careful

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For the isa account you can only open one per year and pay in a max of 20k per year so if you dont have one already thats a good start.

It also protects you from capital gains tax but remeber withdrawing money doesn’t deduct from your yearly additions so if you add 100 then later withdraw 50 you’ve still added 100 of your 20k total not 50

@Emiya reading your reactions, you first should slow down. There is no fast way.

Please read this first.:

I mean investing generally. Yeah fair enough. I am a beginner as I haven’t invested in shares before. Ok I will try my best to be very careful not to lose ALL of my investment and earn as much income as possible. My situations really need to earn incomes immediately.

Sadly I am not working due to personal reasons so I can only do investing, trading, any ways to earn money from home. I am a beginner, starting and learning to invest and trade in shares. Should I open an Invest or an Invest and ISA account to invest? How do I earn from investing in shares? If I invest £500 in shares every month, will I earn a certain percentage of my £500 every month? I want to earn £300 and preferably more every month by investing in shares. Again, I am a beginner. I am just stating my wants and goals.