SELL button not available on ISA on IPad

Just noticed the sell button is not available on the isa part on my investments on my iPad, but in my invest account it is. I’ve done the usual update and reset iPad, but nothing. It’s fine on my phone.

As long as you have investments with the instrument in question, then the Sell button will be visible. Nonetheless, can you share a bit more details about the position that you’re referring to, so we can recreate the matter on our end?

No only the buy button is visible. On my invest account both are visible I have 3 positions currently only small however, please see below screen shot.

As said above I do have small positions in these currently so the sell button should be visible

Thanks again

Are these stocks inside a pie?

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Yes I believe they are

I’ve just removed the pie and the sell has re appeared…thanks again for replying

Yeah if it’s in a pie you have to manage it within the pie itself. So to sell you can withdraw and click custom, or you can export it from the pie and then you can deal with it in your investment tab :slight_smile: