SELL button on UK securities disabled

I mean seriously WTF?!? Why is there no sell button. I work in risk and compliance in an financial org and this is definitely not acceptable. The FCA needs to be notified about this…

Not the first time it has happened in the last 2 days. Bloody joke!

Can you please confirm that this UK security is not member of one of your Pies?

It is part of a Pie.

So then there is your answer. If you want to see sell button you need to export of of pie.

Otherwise you can sell it via pie menu screen.

This was not the case 2 days ago or even yesterday… I could sell with it being part of a Pie. The button itself has disappeared!!!

You can have parts of stock in pie and few parts out. Thus you see sell button, however when entire position is in pie there is no sell button, you sell it via pie.

This has always been a feature. It’s a common issue reported here, people thinking they can’t sell, turns out just part of a pie.

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If you want buy/sell option via stock screen, keep the stock out of pie.

That is not a very practical update that has been done. It was not an issue previously.

My US securities are all in Pies (full positions) but the sell button is available.

This is not update. It has been like this since beta release.

Please show us this us security which is in pie and has sell button.

Ok - I have had multiple friends msging me about this. You guys need to send out an advisory. nobody knows about this.

Most people have the equities in Pies because that is the only way to ensure dividend auto reinvest.

You can reach info@trading212.con or support in order to check if they set up DRIP as it us mentioned in terms of use contract.

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Oh ok - that is helpful… when i previously raised this, I was told there was no other way to do reinvest apart from Pies on my community.

Thank you.