Sell return on investment from Pie

After I bought a stock of Tesla for $400 and I made a return on investment of $200. How can I sell $200 profit and then reinvest it again in Tesla. I need help!

If you want to reinvest in Tesla then selling would be a bad thing to do. Just hold onto the shares as they become more valuable.

I gave it as an example just to give you the context. I just want to sell the profit and reinvest it and I don’t know how to do it

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this is basically this I was told that I have to constantly sell my stock then reinvest it to "lock in" profits. Is this true? thread again but for pies. So here the short answer for you:
How to sell stock from pie: export it (right button here found at the bottom of the holdings tab of the pie)
After exporting it you can just sell it.

Selling and rebuying immediately:
I just don’t see why you would want to do this aside from possible tax reasons, you’re just realizing your profits. If you have $600 worth of tsla, on the original investment of 400, then you could sell $600 worth of tsla and rebuy. The effect would be a taxable event (depending on country and tax laws) + spread costs resulting in ~$600 worth of tsla.

There is no magic thing that happens if you sell and rebuy you just realized your profits and nogthing else, you have the same amount of money invested in tsla before and after rebuying (maybe even a bit less due to spreads but with tsla those are negligible probably)

You dont have to do that. Keep holding if you’re in for the long term, it’s pointless to sell and then re-invest