Separating normal investments and Pie investments

Really love the Pies feature and everything about it, except for the fact that the underlying Pie investments end up with the normal investments in the ‘Investments’ tab, which is visually rather annoying.

It would be great, as previous suggestions have made, to either add a filter to filter out pie investments or have the underlying investments just visible within the Pies tab (my preference).

I appreciate there’s already been a topic on this before - see below. However, it’s locked and the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed. Please tell me if I’m massively missing something!


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Is already possible on the web platform:

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-21 om 18.36.28

Don’t know if it is already in the apps.


Thanks @chantal. I can’t see it on the app yet.

Good to know, thanks for sharing. Presumably it’ll come in a future release.

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