Share transfer to T212 account

Can we please request a feature to be able to transfer shares between T212 members accounts. This can also be gifted.
Between family member who are members would be the use I am thinking of.

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Agree with this. I would suggest, a request and approve setup. Say I request Davey to send shares my way, Davey accepts, but this expires after x days of no use. Sort of a right to forget.

Davey then sends a request to give me 1 Tesla share. I receive a notification and accept. Davey then receives a code either by text or email as final authorisation to transfer me the share.

I then have 1 free Tesla share. Thanks Davey!

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Can be an exchange of stocks.

Davey gives you 1 Tesla and you give him 4 Nikola. Or can be by the value of stocks, $500 Tesla vs. $500 Nikola.

Like trading Magic: The Gathering cards or Panini football stickers.

I am really looking forward for the actual thing. Transfers between brokers which I suppose will include transfer internally :grinning:


I put in the request. See what happens