Short selling stocks

Hi, will you add short selling in the future?

You can short through the CFD account

not the same thing tho

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You can short sell through CFDs, options and even spread betting. All are types of derivatives. Yes, there are differences between them, but may wish to clarify what you mean with short selling.

Short selling- borrowing security, selling that security, buying it later for a lower price. Paying premium/commision when positions is open.

I dont play with CFDs. I would rather put my money in gambling.

What’s the difference between gambling and “short selling”?

I’ve shorted stonks successfully through CFDs. It’s all gambling in the end though unless you have insider information.

Don’t agree. Only reason which makes trading same as gambling is a clown somewhere in a white house tweeting stupid stuff.

The more I trade the more I think it is all to do with capital allocation, and less to do with fundamentals and trading.

You could lose 80% of trades and still be profitable in trading.
So I guess it’s like gambling but using better capital allocation.

Look at how many “trading legends” have gotten burned recently, so how is the common investor going to have an edge if the pro’s barely do.

  • im making no point here, just offering a contrarian point of view here.