Short term stock gain tips

Any tips on short term stock market returns? I need to put £4K in a help to buy isa by 31st March and the govt will top up to £5k (they offer 25% add on).

I could put all in there now but am thinking there may be a few stocks I could put it in between now and end of March which may increase in value. Otherwise it’s just sat in the account gaining paltry interest.

I was thinking some of the house builders like persimmon or Barrett Homes

If you plan on using the Isa in less than say three years, personally, I’d leave it earning a paltry sum in cash interest–if only for the certainty that a short-term shock could not derail my plans to buy a home. A more adventurous option would be identify and research some stocks, ITs or ETFs for the long-term then to wait for a dip between now and March to buy in.

You really don’t want to be taking risks chasing short-term gains when building a deposit.


If we knew what was about to go up, we’d all be millionaires by now!

Seriously though, if you need the money in 2 months then stocks are not a good choice - you want a bank account with the current zero point nothing interest rate and the certainty that you will still have £4k when you need it.

If the market crashed again, or even just dipped lower than it is now then you’ll be feeling pretty silly for turning your £4k into £3.5k, or worse.


Agree with @topher

If you really cant leave your cash and absolutely want it do work for you I would go with a safe, well diversified ETF and buy on dip. But some risk will remain since markets are quite overvalued now

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I agree with the others that if this is your house savings just keep it safe, you’d be just as likely to lose a significant chunk in the short term as you would be to make a profit.

Don’t Help to Buy ISAs only let you deposit £200 a month maximum anyway? Atleast the one I had that was the case.

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Thanks all. Some really useful points to consider here. Sounds like putting straight into the ISA (Tommo- it has now changes so any amount upto £4K can be added at anytime within the 12 months now) is the best shout. :+1:


Airlines/travel industry should be a great one at moment for a short term boost with the vaccine roll outs happening and travel going to start resuming again

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My advice would be just secure your 25% government top up by any means possible.
The stock market is not a place for those looking for short term gains. Just like a betting shop.

My advice is put the money in a isa savings account if you need it back quickly.
If you have a year or more to build on then do it gradually so put your 4k in and feed it in slowly just incase the market does dip.

If you diversify properly and do some decent research, I find it hard to see you lose money over the next 12 months any less and it’s a big risk


What’s the top up for anyway? Can anyone avail of this?

Only first time buyers

First time buyers of ISAs? Is there a certain criteria for it?

First time property buyers. :slight_smile:
ie. People that have never bought a house before.

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I thought that scheme has been closed years ago for new customers, cant remember where i got that from?

I think it was November, can’t remember if it was November 2019 or 2020.
But the user probably has an existing one.

Apologies, I got the names confused. It’s a lifetime ISA I have which can only be taken out to buy a first house, or when someone reaches retirement age. Government top-up the amount by 25% for upto £4K of what you put in. There’ll be a few places you can set up the isa. I use Moneybox.

@00emac There are a couple of additional schemes that might help you out also, its worth scouring the direct gov site for the latest help to buy schemes.
Here’s one that I think will help you a lot, especially if you can gain the deposit contribution through your lisa also.

For any of you first time buyers in london this is really worth looking at.

You will need to register early and seal a property fairly quickly as I can see this having quite a high effect on smaller property values this year

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Just to note, I think the help to buy equity loan is only for new builds.

Just to note, I think the help to buy equity loan is only for new build properties.

New builds are perfect for first time buyers, at current interest rates it’s a lot cheaper than renting. Get a couple of years under your belt and then move with the increased value (hopeful)

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Do you think they are better than existing/second hand housing?
If so, why?