Should I pick EURO or DOLLAR?

Hello there,
I want to make trading 212 account but I’m not sure which currency should I pick since I know it can’t be changed. I live in country that is in EU but probably won’t get EURO in the next 10 years (Croatia). I plan to mostly invest in high dividend ETFs, dividend US stocks, some big US companies (Alphabet, Tesla, Virgin Space etc.) and some other random interesting US stocks.
So now I’m wondering should I have my account in euros or dollars? What do you recommend to me? I plan on withdrawing money from time to time, and maybe withdrawing everything within 10 years.

Choose the currency that will cost you less fees for paying into/withdrawing from your T212 account.

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Use your local curency. I live in Romania and I use my local one called Leu(Lion).

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I don’t think they have kuna. Can I check somewhere?

Hm, I think fees would be the same, I have to check tho.

If the fees are the same, and you will trade mostly US stock, then a USD account will make it easier for you to track the performance of your portfoliowithout the variation in the exchange rate, although it wouldn’t make a difference to your profit/loss.

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