Show bid/offer prices

Even just best offer and best bid, and the volume behind the best prices would be great

The best ask is what you see.

If you go to Instrument details you’ll see the best bid if you want to check the spread. Once bought the sell price is displayed.

As of L2 to see size I think that’s in the works. I would assume a fee to access it.

Brilliant thanks Phil - I hadn’t realised it was there all along. cheers

Now worries, hopefully access to the order book is on its way @David :eyes:

In the meantime if you do US stocks there’s WeBull which is a cheap way to see them. As well as the important Time and Sales to see what’s going through.

That App is great - and came with three month free trial for US market depth.
Will be good if they let UK residents trade on their app at some point, would be cool to have access to cheap trading of US equity options

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