Showing Buy and Sell price for stocks in the Invest Section

I know investing is for the long term and in the long run the spread becomes irrelevant. But I am wondering why does Trading212 doesn’t show the spread on the investment side, especially if Trading Leveraged ETFs.

First Question: Is there a specific reasoning why it is not shown? I am using the desktop version too.

The reason for my interest is that a Stop Limit order was triggered even when the price was no where near the price level, but without seeing the sell price, it was hard to know what price level the sell price is at.

Final Question: Would there every be a possibility to have the option to show both sell and buy on the same chart like on the CFD side?


@Zergui I see. That does make sense. Thank you for highlighting this post. I wasn’t aware of this.

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The lack of bid/offer info is one of my only moans about T212.

I always to go another website before placing any order. If it is a uk stock you can always use the lse website but several broker websites will give you accurate bid/offer info without an account.

I generally never place market orders now on T212. Even when I am pretty certain an order will immediately execute I still place it as a limit order just to protect from the price suddenly being different to what I expected


If you use other brokers, wouldn’t there be slight differences between their price and T212 prices?

Unless you are using one that uses the same source as T212, is that the case?

@shaynear there might be a slight difference but if T212 is displaying a price of Xp I have no idea whether that is bid or offer, is current (for stock with low liquidity the T212 price can be very different to current bid/offer)… If I look at a source with live bid/offer at least I know where the prices and spread is. If I am, for example, buying I can then at least put in a limit order that I think is just above what I think is the current market price and given that there is a legal duty to execute at best the order will then execute at a price that I understand and have set a limit to. At the moment if a stock as a 5% spread and the price being displayed is the last sell and I place a bid I might be paying 5% more than the displayed price which might fundamentally affect by buy decision

@shaynear the whole argument that the LTP is the best for charts especially with out-of-hours markets seeks to conflate and confuse two completely separate issues. Yes charts may arguably be best with LTP but trading/buying/selling is best with bid/offer and price visibility. Charting and trading are different and separate

I totally agree with this. Clarity is removed, especially if a Stop limit is used and I’m not sure how close that limit or is to the sell or ask price.

I see what you mean now about looking at other brokers. It offers a best estimation to what the spread might be when executing a trade so you can set your price and risk accordingly rather setting and hoping.

Thank you for that breakdown it does show the advantage of using limit orders rather than relaying on the market orders, especially when the underlying bid/ask is hidden from our view.