Show Spread Percentage

It would be very helpful to know the current spread percentage between the buy and sell price of an instrument on the Invest and ISA products. This would also be super easy to implement:

(buy_price / sell_price)*100 - 100

At a glance it would be possible to see how reasonable the spread was at any given time.


This code will output to the console the percentage spread from the “Instrument Details” panel every second:

    function printSpread(){
        console.log((parseFloat($("").innerText) / parseFloat($(".value.sell").innerText))*100 - 100);
      setTimeout(printSpread, 1000);

It would be helpful for this information to be displayed in the UI.

Along with that it would also be good to see the % markup compared to the actual spread on the Invest side. For example I’m using your calculation for Scottish Mortgage Trust.

  • Spread Percentage / Width / Gap: 1.4%
  • Spread markup: 668% (invest spread is 0.21% using your calculation)