Sell price information

The SELL PRICE amount is shown once the stock has been bought. On smaller cap, lower volatility stocks I presume the spread is greater than the larger cap, higher liquid stocks.

So, can we have an instrument or information put either in the buy ticket or in the stock information under a header ‘Sell %’, etc… for the % difference from buy to sell price. This would give every potential buyer the information required to weigh up their risk and profit % including sell limit prices in advance rather than not knowing the % decrease in stock sell price until the share has been bought?

I’m also presuming the sell price is automatically calculated regardless of what price the shares are bought at and set to a % amount from the buy price for all listed stocks.

Can we have some information on whether this can be implemented.


The sell price is shown on the web platform, so if you want to check the spread before making your first purchase you can check there. I believe T212 are looking at adding the information to the phone app also.

The spread between buy and sell prices is not a fixed % but varies dynamically depending on volatility and trading volumes at the time.

Thanks for ur reply… I’m not a web platform trader, I only use my mobile app as I’m a mid-longterm investor so i wasn’t aware of this information being shown. Be great to get this info on the phone app.