Siemens Energy spin off shares compensation - ✅ Completed

Hi, this month Siemens is spinning off its energy division into new publicly traded company called Siemens Energy. Siemens has reported that for every 2 Siemens shares investors will get 1 Siemens Energy share.

I wanted to know how this will be handled (if at all) by Trading 212. Any comments on this?

The latest spin-offs were paid was dividends, no new shares were distributed… not sure that T212 had time to improve this yet.

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I don’t think that we will get the stocks. Distributions as stocks are cashed, both with spin-offs and stock dividend.

The best I can expect is the quick introduction of Siemens Energy stock to the platform

You will be distributed the cash equivalent of the shares that would be received from the spin-off. We are working on providing the actual shares but we won’t be ready for this event, unfortunately.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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What will happen if i have 1 share or 1.5 shares?
Will i still get the cash equivalent ?

On there is FAQ section. It has “What happens to Siemens shareholders who hold an odd number of shares?” question. You might want to read that.

Thank you for clarifying.

When is the cash equivalent deposited into the account?

@vvsvin In the next few minutes.

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Thank you @David.
Received the amount.
Is there a plan to include Siemens Energy?

Any news if this will be added?

Same case for Brookfield’s spin off few weeks back… major stocks that a bunch of people hold are just ignored… spin offs were announced wait before it took place and the new stocks were not added :unamused:

but many stocks are added daily for those garbage IPOs that I bet my whole portfolio that no more than two people buy those stocks, while big spin offs are put on dust and you have to beg and wait days/weeks :unamused:

If someone from the team has the time to add all those crap IPOs stocks every single day, not adding big spin off companies is just a disrespect with no gambler normal customers. :money_with_wings:


My guess is that IPOs attract a lot of speculators on launch day so trading volumes on those must be quite high. It must help Trading 212 to generate more money or else why would crap IPOs or SPAQs would be prioritised. It’s really shame that “boring” companies are pushed aside.

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:white_check_mark: Siemens Energy (ENR) is now available for trading on the platform.


Can Trading 212 confirm new Siemens Energy shares will be allocated to existing Siemens AG shareholders per recent press release:

New shares to be transferred automatically to Siemens shareholders’ securities accounts
Due to the planned spin-off of Siemens Energy, shareholders of Siemens AG will hold shares in two publicly listed companies. As a result, they will be able to make decisions on their investment in each companies’ businesses activities separately and independently. When the public listing is completed, the new shares of Siemens Energy AG will be automatically transferred to Siemens shareholders’ securities accounts. Due to the allocation ratio of 2:1, Siemens shareholders who hold an odd number of shares will receive so-called fractional shares. These shareholders can then round off their holdings by placing a buy or sell order at the custodian bank hosting their securities account.



Hello @Wolfgang,

We can only distribute the cash equivalent of the shares to be received from such corporate events. Once the spin-off is completed, we sell the distributed shares at the market and pass on the proceeds to the eligible accounts.

Please, can you guys at least make the new stocks available (as fractional) at spin-off time?

It will help a little until T212 can prober handle this scenario.

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Thanks Peter. Can you explain why you can only pass on cash equivalent once spin off’s complete? This would appear to be T212 taking away customer’s ability to control their investments - which is a worry.

T212 doesn’t have this implemented yet… as Peter wrote in BEP to BEPC topic.

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