Stock distribution is Now Available

We are excited to announce that Stock Distribution will be available as a result of Mergers, Spin-offs and Special Stock Dividends. :raised_hands:

The shares will be allocated as per the terms of the corporate event, as long as you are eligible to participate.


Good stuff. What do you think the timing might be on these to process/appear in accounts to help set expectations.

Up to 3-5 days after events, just like how dividends get paid?

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Hey, :wave:

We’re aiming the distribution to be within 1-2 business days. Of course, depending on the event itself.

We’ll be able to put a more accurate ETA on the allocation in the following weeks.


Bravo ! Very useful feature !

This is awesome. Thank you so much trading 212. We’ve all been waiting for this! Amazing work.

Just in time for potential Unilever tea business spinoff/IPO.

And Warner-Discovery! And GSK & Pfizer Consumer healthcare divisions!

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This is great news! :slight_smile:


This is great. What about SPAC redemption rights? Will this also be supported soon?

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Very good question!

Good work though 212

Just in time for O + Veriet merger and office RIET spinoff.

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Any idea if they’ll still do monthly dividends after the merger?
Edit: Nvm, found it. Seems like O is acquiring Vereit, so i don’t see why they’ll stop.

Realty for sure will keep it, it’s thier trademark. But I don’t know if the Office Reit spinoff will. Plus the market cap of O will drop after all the events merger, spinoff + some cash.

I thought all Reits have to pay dividends.

one of the aforementioned rules for an entity to be REIT-compliant is the distribution requirement. A REIT is required to distribute 90% of its taxable earnings—even though most REITs will distribute at least 100% of their taxable earnings to fully utilize the dividends paid deduction and not have corporate income tax.

I guess I haven’t been holding anything that announced corporate actions (other than dividends) on T212. Have they only been cash distributions until now? :thinking:

I believe your position was sold off automatically and you received the value of your shares, which was annoying if you were planning on being a long term investor and had a good average.

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He was refering to the monthly status of the dividend.

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Excellent news! Really important change. Not only for ease of use, but even in other aspects of the app. For example, my portfolio graph has been rendered completely useless since the Tesla stock split as I had to rebuy it. The graphs really need to be more representative of true profit and loss. It’s so far off.



@MaxZorin, at this point, we can offer redemption at a pro-rata price only in case of an unsuccessful SPAC merger. If there are any changes in that area, we’ll make sure to update you.

@cavanhagan, thank you for the heads up. The portfolio graph is definitely something we have in mind when it comes to future improvements. However, we can not confirm any ETA.