Snowflake IPO pushed to October

Guys, how is everyone thinking about snowflakes IPO…

Still no dates released and looks like it’s getting pushed back untill October

It HAS to be uploaded to Trading212 the moment it is official!

Has anyone had clarification if it will?

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I’m still pretty cool on it. It’ll open higher than most folk have an appetite for and (hopefully) will cool off and find a base over the next few weeks. I’ll likely play the IPO for a small profit and wait for the basing to occur for a position.

For anyone interested in the fundamentals, I believe they have now filed their S-1 (@Donald_Duck).

As for getting added on IPO day, I’m sure it will. The team react to swift IPO requests that;

  1. are requested on the day of the IPO
  2. tag the correct team members (search the forum for any other IPO request to see who these are)

Lastly, and I don’t mean this rudely, do you know what will occur on IPO day? I only ask because this is your first post and the majority of users who have posted for the first time specifically chasing an IPO have not understood the way it works and then get flustered and angry on the day when;

  1. the IPO stock isn’t immediately available on market open, and;
  2. they can’t take a position at the advertising valuation price (I expect Snowflake’s valuation to go up to around $32 by the time it launches)

If you’re not aware, that’s cool, I’ll explain it, but didn’t want to lay it out here if you’re already aware. :+1: