Snowflake IPO thoughts

Anyone know much about this?

Thoughts on the company, IPO date etc.


Joey, you seem to love an IPO.

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Ooh it’s on the list mate. I’m just undecided if it’ll be a purely IPO play or a proper long.

But in terms of actual IPO investing I don’t do much, I just like to ensure they all get added on the day so the forum doesn’t suffer from folk bemoaning their new faves not being available. :slight_smile:

I think @Donald_Duck might’ve intimated at some upcoming DD on Snowflake…? Admittedly I have done none - my current DD queue has StoneCo, Futu, Rocket, United Microelectronics, Vasta Platform, Epirus and Huya ahead of it - so chances are I’ll never get there!

@AdrianUK is a big fan though.

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I don’t touch IPOs unless it’s a company in personally like. Long term, good quality companies for me (and Tesla of course)

Some fine public service, I’m sure they appreciate it. :clap:

And STNE are doing well I’ve seen. Bought them a while back.

Cheers for the reply :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Of course Tesla :smirk::point_right:

My largest piece of pie. :yum:

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Same here, 20%, but currently sitting at 43% of my portfolio because it’s grown so much! Started buying at 450 I think


Yeah I’m in STNE anyway but want to complete the DD I started. And with the recent news, it’s just opened the door for more research. All strong moves. I’m consolidating my Invest folio into growth and long term holds only and they very much fit that mould.

Got in at 525ish.

And will again it seems…!

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You both make me sick, I got in at £1450 :persevere::sweat_smile:

Only started investing about a month ago. I’m optimistic it’ll continue to rise, but seeing all the missed opportunities is difficult to swallow. Such is life.


I would have got in earlier, I’ve followed Tesla since the Before the model 3 was announced, but only found Trading 212 in January so was never able to invest in it before

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Just think of the opportunity you’re about to get at the end of the month.

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You think it will continue it’s surge after the split, or you reckon there will just be just a small initial jump?

I’d take a look at the following charts for an idea of market behaviour around these big IPOs;

  • Lemonade
  • BigCommerce
  • Rocket Companies

They seem to have very much become a ‘play’.

Conversely if you look back at these guys, they all IPO’d before the tactic seemed to be commonplace;

  • Vroom
  • Warner Music Group
  • Allovir
  • AZEK Co.

With perhaps the exception of WMG, it’s also worth noting that none of these were really hype machines pre-IPO, that no one seems to know much about them off the top of their head.

And the rest seem to fall of a cliff and begin a slow steady climb back to the IPO price. Those are the ones no one really knows anything about.

So if I can be bothered (it can be bloody exhausting) I might make an initial investment into Snowflake on open and sell before market close. If I’m feeling risky or make a bigger gain than expected by close, I’ll possibly hold it for another day, but with the expectation it will drop and then spike again. Most likely I’ll drop out before 9pm and look to buy in again on the immediate dip in the following day or so, sell on another spike then leave it alone for a month. Let it settle, see how it behaves, what the chart is doing etc.

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Is there a date for the Snowflake IPO?

Not that I’m aware of.

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