Sold stocks still calculating question

I sold 3 US stocks out of hours, at the time of this post the US market is still closed.
I have the stocks still listed but I notice one of them is still active even though I sold it.
So is this affecting my portfolio, it only changed by 1 unit so it didn’t show any difference but if it went up or down dramatically would it affect my present shares?

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Not sure if you are talking about Invest/ISA or CFD.

But in Invest/ISA you cannot sell stocks if market is closed. You can place market order to sell, but it will get sold at open.

Be careful however, price doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you see before open. In case sharp drop in price , 5%, you will sell it for 5% less then currently shown.

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Ah thanks, They are Invest stocks, it wasn’t a biggie I just wondered why but you explained it.