Stocks and Shares ISA Stop Orders

Hello I am new to this Community.
Could anyone advise me please as regards to if the Stop Orders in my Stocks and Shares ISA are Market Stop orders or Limit Stop orders ?
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When you set a Stop Order, and your target price is hit, the Stop Order becomes a Market Order and executes at the best current price available. There’s a piece of additional information about those orders in the article here from our Help Centre.

Thank you so much.
I don’t think you have a stop loss order available in the ISA account.
You only have Stop Sell / Buy options, I can’t seem to find out if these are Stop Market orders (orders fulfilled at next available market price) or Stop Limit orders (orders filled at target price).
I have only just started my investing / trading journey and cutting my teeth so to speak.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards Skelly

Indeed, Take Profit & Stop Loss orders are available in CFD accounts only.

Limit Buy/Sell orders & Stop Buy/Sell orders are available in Invest/ISA accounts.

Even though those :point_up_2: orders look similar, they have different purposes. When you place a limit order, you specify the maximum price you are willing to pay or the minimum price you are willing to accept on a sale. On the other hand, a stop order is triggered when your specified price is reached, and then the order is filled at the next available price.