Some AIM [Stock request]

Can you please add:

Kodal Minerals - KOD
Jubilee Metals - JLP
Eurasia Mining - EUA
Kefi Minerals - KEFI ( added 31.01.2020 )

I don`t think they trade AIM stocks? I used to have shares in Anglo Asian Gold that is traded on AIM.

Not so long ago they added Bacanora Lithium which is AIM stock I think. Didn’t know that there are issues they can’t or don’t want trade AIM stocks :frowning:

Bacanora Lithium is traded on The London Stock Exchange now. I looked for Anglo Asian Gold, but I cant buy it on here as its still an AIM stock. I doubt Bacanora Lithium will be on both UK markets.

You are right… Wonder why we are not allowed to trade AIM stocks. Can someone from team give some reasoning on this please?

T212 is already looking to have more AIM stocks added. as it stands I don’t think there is a particular reason you cant in invest in one besides the usual it hasnt been added yet. it’s a sub-market of the LSE and has its own market cap/liquidity to consider per stock.

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