Some clarity with selling

Apologies if I’m being stupid, I’m still very new to trading. Looking for some answers with regards to selling some shares.

One some of my holdings there is no sell button only a buy button? As I hold some shares in a pie, holdings for some companies are under £10. Am I unable to sell as I have to little shares?

Also, I’ve noticed I’m unable to sell all my shares in EQQQ. I have £60 worth but it will only offer £26 when looking to sell.

Before i look to invest more i obviously need some clarity. I couldn’t find anything specific on the help page.

Many thanks

You sell them from the pie if they’re in one

Anything in a pie doesnt have thindividual sell button

How do I sell from the pie? If I click the company from holdings page it doesn’t open any page to over a sell?

Within the pie you can either remove via edit, export, lower the slice or just do withdraw and use custom and only select that slice.

The withdraw in pies will withdraw the money into your trading account, not out of T212 completely.


Got you. Thank very much