Some Euro stock charts show only 3 month data

Hello Team,

Some of euro stocks have missing data, charts not showing history values.

Ie. REE, ENG, ORA etc

If you put 1y chart it shows only last 3 months of data.

If I drill in depth chart it shows data starting from October 19.

Makes the chart completely usless , having to use othere apps just to check chart .

Is this intended or bug? :open_mouth:

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I believe history is tracked from the moment an instrument is available for trading on the app.

@investor That’s indeed the case.
@Vedran We’re working on adding additional historical data to all equities.


Keep up the good stuff :slight_smile:

please keep working on it. The problem is still there and its a minus for trading212 eventhough trading212 is superior in so many other factors for brokers!

Hey I have found this stock because i am interested in amd it shows the price from last year?

Is longer history coming soon ? It’s really bad not being able to see more history in BRK.B and DIS for me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Berkshire has about a year’s historical data and DIS only a few years…

@zyfihx In the next 2-3 months.

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