Why do we have so little history available?

It seems like every stock/ETF I want to analyse I have to google it or check some other website, because the historical data available is so limited in trading212.

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The history of tickers only dates to when they were added to the platform, and lots of additions are quite recent. If you are on the new EU broker, it may even be pretty much everything.

Longer history has been requested a few times, maybe it will come up eventually.

In the meantime, it is perfectly fine to use external tools much better suited for analysis such as TradingView or fastGraph even, and use T212 only to place trades. To be fair, most broker charting tools are quite sub-par.

Not even looking for complex charts or tools, just looking at the full data in a quick glance. I’m seeing tickers with data from 2018 (4 years), when they date back to 2011 (10+ years). Renders charts almost useless.
Also I don’t get why you’d only have data since the ticker was added, there are plenty of data providers that can give the necessary history.

One could argue that historical data has little to no importance in the valuation of a security, but that would be beside the point.

Point is, it’s been requested, it hasn’t been confirmed as far as I know, but eventually it may happen :person_shrugging:

In the meantime, it is how it is, and we gotta make do with what we’ve got.

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I don’t see the argument here. This is a fact.