Some questions regarding the monthly statements

  1. Could anyone please explain the meaning of each column in the monthly statement?
  2. How should I interpret the ‘Floating Result’ in the statement? If the statement only shows buying activities, what does the ‘Floating Result’ represent?
  3. What is the difference between ‘Price’ and ‘Market Price’ in the statement?
  4. I noticed that my 2023 statement still includes records of purchases made in 2021. Why are these older transactions included in the current year’s statement?
  5. Does the monthly data report provided represent the transactions for the current month, or all transactions since the account was opened?


However you choose.

Are they different?

Do you still hold some of your positions that you bought in 2021 - if so do you not want them on your monthly holdings statement?

The bold word gives it away.

  1. In the section titled “Closed Transactions”, I noticed that some transactions are marked under the “direction” column as “Buy”, but none are marked as “Sell”. Could someone explain why this is the case?

  2. I have noticed that some transactions are listed with a purchase price of “0”. Could someone clarify why the purchase price for these transactions is displayed as zero?

  3. Does the market price in the statement mean the actual price of the stock purchased? What is the meaning of “floating result” and is there any correlation between “floating result” and “market price”?

I hope someone can answer my question, I would appreciate it!

Without knowing any of the aforementioned transactions, we will not be able to help you.

Only you can check if they match with your own trading activity.