Monthly Statement (Dumb Question!)

Okay, when I look at my Trading 212 ISA the Portfolio is £3500.

When I look at my monthly statement is shows closing balance of £5500.

Can someone explain what the closing balance is and why is it much higher than my portfolio?

I understood that if I closed the account I would have £3500. So what is the £5500?

The figures are not accurate, just for example.



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The “Closing balance” in the monthly statement represents your account balance on the month’s last trading day. The “Portfolio” in your account is the amount of equity you hold (in other words - your investments).

If you need further clarifications, send me a DM :ok_hand:

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But could you answer to this question? I have the same doubt

"I understood that if I closed the account I would have £3500. So what is the £5500?’

My portfolio shows an ammount X and my opening/closing balance a much higher ammount. If I go to my deposits tab it shows less ammount. Could you clarify this?

Example: portfolio 5000£
Closing balance 8000£

However, if I close my positions I would end with just 5000£.

Your monthly statement’s “Equity” field shows the value of your current portfolio and your free funds.

The difference between your portfolio value and opening balance is because of the result of your open positions. If you have a negative result, the portfolio will be less than the closing balance.

I’ll send you a DM with precise information about your account :ok_hand:

Hi @Bogi.H
I have a related question. I got the Monthly statement for December this morning. I normally check “A/C Summary” at the bottom of the email.

This month, the Equity row disappeared, instead showing “Account value”. The amount shown in Account value doesn’t make sense to me (more than I expected for Equity). Could you explain what changes were made this month?

I also note that the Account value shown on the monthly statement email is very different from what I see under “Account Value” on the 212 platform right now. (The statement was in this morning so shouldn’t differ so much.)

Sure, I’ll check and get back to you.

My opening and closing balances look incorrect on both the GIA and ISA.

Either that or I’m misunderstanding what they represent.

Account value looks correct. Note: I have no cash in my account. Should account value be the same figure as closing balance?

The opening balance shows the funds at the beginning of the month, and the closing balance represents the funds you have at the end of the month. The difference when comparing both fields is because of the fluctuation in the value of the assets.

I don’t think they are accurate then. The closing balance is significantly different to the ‘account value’.

Should they be the same if I have no cash held in the account?

I’ve worked it out. The opening and closing balances relate to the amount I’ve “invested”, either from deposits or reinvested from dividends/closed positions.

To add a few more details:

The ‘Opening balance’ represents the account’s total balance on the first trading day of the month.
The ‘Closing balance’ is the account’s balance on the month’s last trading day.

Account balance = Net Transactions +/- Results + Dividends – Equity Charges

Happy to be told I’m splitting hairs, but those don’t sound like accurate descriptions.

Opening balance wasn’t the ‘value’ of my account on the first trading day of the month. It represents what I paid for it. What it was worth (i.e. its value) on that day is a totally different figure.

You have a point, and I edited my comment.

On a side note, the Account’s Portfolio = Balance +/- Result.