Something does not quite add up?

Hi if you see my screenshots below. It says I only have £7.48 return but if you look at my stocks I clearly have more than that.

Am I missing anything here? @David @Tony.V

What about the others, are they negative? As your shown holdings dont cover the whole balance.

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You are displaying about 50%(420GBP) of your total portfolio value(894GBP). Hard to judge without seeing rest.

Sorry I’ll add below

Oh ok that makes sense then.

Well I didn’t use calculator, but to me it seems roughly correct, I got to about 7 GBP profits.

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Thanks as long as it’s correct

The % number will slowly become less accurate I find, as you sell and buy for profit/loss rather than just add new money, like mine is currently about 0.5% out of whack. But its no biggie just for if you want to analyse things exactly need to do your own sums.


Yeah, I primarily rely on external calculations for this very reason. (And for more convenient offline access, of course!)

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Thanks for the explanation :relaxed:

What do you think of my portfolio?

Well its heavy in metals/mining/energy so doesnt feel as diviersified as it might be especially with new tech climate. I am guessing you know lots about these industries thats why you chose them?

I would put larger weight on things like the S&P 500 and Scottish Mortgage trust personally, althought I dont own either of those myself.

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Yeah I was thinking about putting more into S&P and the Scottish Trust.

Also your probably wondering why I have chosen B&M, it might not be a great stock.

But they are one of the few retailers which are open in this U.K. lockdown so profit wise they should be doing quite well.

I’ve used the calculator at it gives me +7.72, so it is basically the same.

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No need to justify anything, I am not massively experience :smiley: My best advice is jsut to picks stocks you know them well or their industry, and that you have an interest in as that will mean you will be actively following them more and therefore be able to assess regularly.

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Anyone recommend any other good etfs maybe for dividends?