Help me figure out what my returns should be


I have 500,000 shares in a stock with an average price of p0.1175(£0.0012). Excluding commission if the price goes to £1.00 what should be my return roughly?

The app is saying my returns would be £5000. Is this correct. This doesn’t sound quite right

If the bid (sell price) is £1 per share and you have 500,000
shares that’s £500,000 worth

Have you really just chucked in £60,000? :hushed:

If he bought 500000 shares for 0.12p isn’t it 600£ rather than 60k? (500000x0.0012=600) the way how share price is shown in post quite confuse me(£0.12p). Is it 0.12£ which is 12p per share or is it 0.12p which would be 0.0012£?

I think if it is 0.12p (£0.0012) it can never get to £1.00 :grinning:

My bad. It’s p0.1175(£0.0012).

Ah yeah so if it made it to a penny knock off two 0s so

500,000 shares and a penny each is worth £5,000

Turning £600 into £5000 would be a nice move. Care to share what stock?

So cost of your initial transaction was 587.5£ if price goes to 0.01£ you’ll have roughly 4400£ in profit if it somehow will go to 1£ per share which is rather impossible but who knows xD you’ll be 499400£ in profit but you’ll need some kind of miracle for that to happen xD but I think even if that particular stock goes up to 0.01£ you’ll see really nice kind of profit. Good luck for you my friend in your investing adventure

Sorry guys my bad. Now that you set me straight, yeh I thought it was 12p when in reality it’s just less than a penny :man_facepalming:t2:. Everything makes sense now. Thanks guys

Kodal minerals. But now that I realised I didn’t buy them at 12p but rather <1p instead, I’ll doubt it would even reach £1

Ah I know it well unfortunately, Im all out. Sold in profit. I couldn’t take the inconsistency of quotes on it.

It’ll probably spike to 0.12 again now.

It is a decent stock if they sort the Mali out.

I’m using that on LAC, FCEL and QS.

If you have 30mins and are totally bored

If you’ve already joined KOD wait for news about founding Fatou Gold Project either good or not so good we’ll see but be prepared for ups and downs with that stock

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Not much relevant, …for info…
If you are holding 6,250,000 shares (~£5962.5) of KOD, you would holding 0.05% of the company stock.

Shareholder Analysis – Kodal Minerals

At 500,000 shares you are holding roughly 0.005%!!!

I’ve given up with this stock. Im in the minuses but Once I make my money back I’m selling it. Hate that there’s hardly any movement or news about it

Seriously only 4 days ago, and held this for 4 months.