Sorting stocks and ETFs by percentage gain/loss missing?

Greetings all,

First post on the forum!

I have been using Trading 212 for a few months now and have been doing quite well with the recent market volatility.

One feature I found quite useful on the webapp was the ability to sort stocks and ETFs by percentage gain/loss within the instrument search tool. However, in recent weeks this has stopped working and am unable to sort this way now.

Is this a bug or has this feature been disabled?

PS. It would be great to have this feature working and also added to the mobile app.


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Hello, @JCobbs! The feature was disabled recently because it was causing some performance issues. We’ll bring it back once we optimize it.


I used this feature often actually. It was very handy. But I did wonder if I was exploding a t212 server somewhere every time I did it.

Hi @Martin,
How about the sorting feature (also by name, price, gain/loss) in the mobile app?

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Hello, @Dumitru_C! We’ll consider that. Thank you for the suggestion :v:

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Hello, is there any update on this? @Martin

We are currently working on other high-priority tasks at the moment.

Like another batch of stocks? :eyes:

I, too, would love to be able to have a similar feature.
For both the mobile app and the desktop web app, an option to sort the stocks in our portfolios by these two parameters at least would be useful:

  • total gain/loss
  • weight %
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