Sorting the investment tab

Is there a way to sort your current investments tab? if not can we have the option to sort it rather than the only option be alphabetical e.g percentage gains



Literally just posted a similar question to this:

Apologies didnt see this one, not sure who was first.

haha i only posted this 6 minutes ago, the more people that request it the better anyways


Ive just realised you can sort the watch lists.

Don’t press the pencil icon or edit button. Doing so locks the stocks. Whilst on the watchlist or list Drag the items where you like, they are not locked. I assumed you would have to press the edit button to drag them this way but in fact when you do this, this locks them in place and only allows you to delete them. When just viewing the page normally you can drag them to your desired location. Its not a sort/filter option but it still allows you to decide their order.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the investment page.


ah yes you are right that seems to work fine but the investment tab is the issue for me hopefully it can be adjusted soon

Also it would be nice to sort investments by invested amount (when we’ll have that column in the coming new web app).

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