Newbie needs help using PC not phone for T212

How do I delete shares that I longer want to see in ‘My Watchlist’ for example I have a couple of shares I sold but they are still showing in the list, I have tried right clicking but no option to delete, any ideas please, also I’m on a PC not a phone?

By the way I’m in practice mode, I plan to open an account at the start of the month so I’m still getting the hang of things.


hi , welcome, If I understand you correctly then one way I know of…

  1. go to search
  2. search for the stock you want to remove from the watchlist
  3. in the results list you will see a ‘tick’ next to the stock, click on that, there you can add/remove from watchlists.

edit: or there is a pencil at the top of watchlist that allows removing it seems to.

also check out this thread and try out the new desktop version if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I clicked on the new app and it opened on my desktop, took me a few minutes to fathom what was what, I managed to delete the offending shares.
I need to get used this new one, so I’ll have a play with it tomorrow as it is late here now plus I’m tired lol.
First look at it there is a couple of things I am not keen on but I expect I’ll get used to it, but thanks again for the reply and help, it is much appreciated.