South Korean stocks and ETFs - good pandemic bet

Hi team,

Would it be possible to add South Korean ETFs and stocks please?
with the pandemic, the Korean economy that never really stopped is likely not to suffer from the same level of recession as Europe and the US, despite the overall economy majorly relying on trade, some industries won’t be as affected.

Also, Korea is the country of technology and video games, two sectors that are booming rather than suffering right now.
I know you don’t have access to the Korean stock exchange yet so I won’t ask for Netmarble, NCSoft, or even Korean pharmaceutical companies but could we please get more diversity through popular ETFs such as:

and stocks such as
Gravity (GRVY)

It would be really nice to have a portoflio as diversified as possible, between sectors but also worldwide

Thanks :slight_smile:


I would love that too!

In the meantime, there is Lyxor MSCI Korea (LKOR) available.