SPDR® S&P® Aerospace & Defense ETF

Any chance we can get this?

Unfortunately not, this is a US ETF, which cannot be sold in Europe due to a lack of regulatory compliance.


It must be the top phrase in this forum.

Maybe creating a pinned thread, with answers to such common requests. It could save a lot of time.

E.g. US ETFs, Ark ETFs, Penny Stocks non-exemption, Stocks with low volume, and other common requests.


You’re overestimating posters willingness to read anything before posting.


Or, I don’t know, an Education section…?

Perhaps, it could be. Almost every day people ask similar questions. “Add the Ark ETFs/US ETFs/Penny Stocks”

Requests Basics/101/FAQ/Help

Also some people asked for stocks/ETF that already exist, but not visible if they search for them in ISA accounts (non-ISA stocks) or in Pies (non-fractional).

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