Split Help section into two for Invest and CFD

I think this would help to organize topics. I, for instance, am not interested in CFD and cannot provide any information for related questions as well. If we split Help into two part, I can ignore topics in “Help - CFD” but would continue reading “Help - Invest”.

There can be topics which can fall under either one of the categories, but since T212 makes a clear separation between the two in its app, one can still select the correct category depending on which service they use.

Lots of topics are not specific to either, and most answers can apply to both accounts. splitting the help section is not really necessary and just creates additional work for no obvious benefit to the T212 team.

For core FAQs, the Help Centre is organised according to different sections for specific answers, but people would need to go there to check for answers before coming to the help section to ask a question, that in all likelihood has been answered on numerous occasions already and could be found just by using the forum search feature.

With 2 help sections, people who don’t know in which their request belongs will just post the question in both in hopes of getting answers faster.

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