Can we please use the search option first?

The community is hammered with the same questions over and over again about stock splits. Can we please use the search option first? You can find it here:

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Most questions which pop in your head about things on the Trading 212 platform are already asked/discussed earlier.

If you can find an exotic company to invest in, you can also find a topic using the search option. :wink:



Yes they should. But the split topic kind of explode in amount of posts making it less excess able

would it be possible to have a list of “popular threads, read before you ask something similar” section?

Big :+1:t2: for an FAQ section that houses the most frequent posts.

Or better yet, set up a bunch of mandatory posts (modules) to be read before you can start posting, each explaining the frequently asked Qs, eg.

Module 1) The Reason Your Starting Position is Negative (FX Rates)
Module 2) ARK Invest and WHY IT’S NOT AVAILABLE!!!
Module 3) ADRs… What’s Up With Those Guys…?!

And so forth.


this is a good idea but i doubt it’ll work.

People ask questions that are actually answered in the same thread :slight_smile:

I swear there was a recent question in either tesla split thread or autoinvest (can’t remember which) the answer to the question was posted 1 (one) post above the question by a T212 staff.

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I often think that but sometimes it looks that way but the question has been merged from a separate thread.

Of course other times it is that blazingly infuriating.

Yes. T212 staff posted something and the first post below it asked the question who was answered right before. Therefor people should read.

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This actually could happen on the mobile pages. Text editor is in front of the posts.
I’ve had this once when I thought i was responding to the original question but then it was posted after someone else’s…