Spread and ordering tools questions

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new on Trading 212 but I watched quite a few videos to help me get into trading. I have some questions and hope you can help me with them!

-I saw on their YouTube channel that they had some forex instruments with zero spread such as “EUR/USD zero spread”. I can’t find them anymore do you know why they got removed? I feel like some spread are very large for some instruments.

-is there an indicator to be able to see the spread value so we don’t have to calculate it? I saw on their video that they had this feature a few years ago

-When you place an order, is it possible to activate a feature to vizualise on the graph where your stop loss and take profits are (with horizontal bars) ?

Many thanks for your answers!

Never seen a zero spread CFD. You will need to link the video or something.

Thanks for the answer! Is it possible to place 2 take profit on the same position?

Here is the link, the zero spread part start at 6’10"

Let me watch the video, but in the meanwhile, no unfortunately it is not possible to have multiple take profit levels. You can manually take partial profits by right clicking on the position and click “Edit position”.

Yeah, never knew these used to be available! My guess is that they were highly unprofitable?

Maybe @AlexK or @David can tell you why they are no longer available. (One of them should hopefully respond because they are tagged)

Thanks for the support, it’s good to see users help each other and the platform to give quick answers and take into account remarks :slight_smile:

@nickspacemonkey They were meant to be a short-term product. :slight_smile: