Ideas for our next video tutorials?

What topics would you like to see covered by our animated explainer videos? Do you have an idea for a script? Send it to us and we will produce it.


I think a few lessons about data ( earnings, p/e ratio/ growth/ dividents/ assets/liabilities , etc


Yeah, something on earnings reports and how some traders use it to gain.


Something on options, futures, calls and puts as well.

how to place a CFD trade on the platform. hardly any information on this in your videos. Or am I missing something?

thanks I saw that one and it is just a generic intro to CFD but doesn’t use the platform to trade. 180 videos and only ONE about CFDs. I think there should be more considering it is a big part of the T212 service offering. Just would like to see someone log in, place a CFD order, show how the different ares and tabs work etc.

It is quite easy. I use them to trade Forex. A buy order = long, a sell order = short. The difference between the sell and the buy price is called the spread and that is what you pay for transaction.

For example if the EURUSD is in an uptrend, you can do a buy order for 1000 units, a part of your balance will be set aside as margin, which will be “unlocked” when your position is closed (either by taking profit or hitting stop loss/trailing stop)

ok cool . seems easy enough. Can I lose more money than I deposit?

Not sure. When you you receive a margin call and don’t act and your account hits a certain level, all positions will be closed. But I think someone of T212 crew can tell you anything about it.

ok i’ll work it out, cheers. I hope T212 are listening and give me a tutorial.

@trader787 What I can suggest in the meantime is to try our risk-free Practice accounts, where you can trade with virtual money. Upon your first login, you’ll see a getting started tutorial which will guide you through the basics. :ok_hand:

thanks will look at that. don’t see that tutorial on the desktop version, is it only on mobile? or maybe I clicked past it before? not sure.

@trader787 It is available on both mobile and desktop. You may set up a new account with a different email to further explore the initial tutorial.



Quick tutorial on the INVEST functions, and why you’d want to use them.


  • Stop

  • Stop Limit

For example the language is quite confusion. In Stop Limit, you set two targets. One after the other. Why not just set one? I want to buy a stock when it hits $10. Why do I need to first set a stop price, then a limit price? Why not just set a single price of $10?


@pipo Suppose the stock is trading at 9. You would like to buy at 8.5, but if it starts to move upwards you would rather buy at 10 than miss it altogether. So you set a stop at 10. This initiates a market order as the price reaches 10. Typically you will buy at or very close to 10. But if the price starts moving up very rapidly you might find that by the time you order hits the market you are buying at 15, which you would not want. So you put a limit of 11, so that you will never pay more than 11. If the price has moved above 11 your market order will not be filled.

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Makes sense. Thanks.

these to thing below is very helpful, I would like to included the psychology side of things, when in a live trade and when to stop! I feel this would be key in being a good trader.

Guide to site CFD icons/switches/symbols and dummy run of short+long buy/sells demonstrating, if poss, all switches working in concert with explanations. I’m new to this and making some headway but, for eg, haven’t a clue what lock symbol does, a lot of buttons/options sound similar to me, when trying to put stop loss on a sell, the gap seems gigantic+when I try to lower, resets to 0.00 etc etc, thanks