Statement showing cash withdrawal detail


I’m in the process of buying a house and have had to withdraw some money from my T212 account to pay for deposit. I’ve taken out the cash over a few different dates.

The mortgage provider are trying to see the flow of money from my T212 in to my bank account. The monthly statements don’t show dates and amount of withdrawal.

Are there any statements available that show the withdrawal details?

Hey, @Sam4 :wave:

We can provide you with a transaction statement, which is usually perfect for such situations. The document has your name, address, account ID and a list of all transactions made, including the date and time of all deposits and withdrawals.

Please request the document via this form whenever you have a chance, and I’ll make sure our team sends it as soon as possible :pray:


Doesn’t your bank statement show this?

That’s what I said but they are making me do this dance