Withdrawal procedure

I have been trying to figure out how to request withdrawal of funds and sadly i can’t find any detail anywhere.
Can you help please ?
Many thanks

going to the menu, choose the manage funds option and on the loaded info-box withdrawal will be an option in the middle, below deposit and above the moving funds between account.

depending on the payment method used to deposit expect different time-frames for the money to arrive on the other end. some payment options might charge you, I am not sure, but T212 won’t.

Many thanks for your help Dao ! (just found out your answer now, sorry for the late acknowledgement)

I have two other questions related to the withdrawal procedure:
1/ Given that I make payments to my T212 accounts from different sources, which account should I expect T212 to transfer the money ?
2/ Is there a limit in the amount of funds I want to withdraw ?


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