Status of introducing SIPP/LISA/JISA and In-Specie Transfers

I understand the T212 team is busy delivering the latest big update but I was wondering what the statuses of Lifetime ISA, SIPP and Junior ISA accounts are?

Also, any changes to the timeframe for introducing in-specie transferring in and out? Will this include fractional shares?


This has my vote.

LISA - so I can move my existing a/c with Moneybox to T212

SIPP - start this up with T212 , committing me for the long haul

JISA - pass on generational learning ans financial freedom to my children.

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Mine too.

I have been looking at a JISA for my daughter but with relatively little monthly deposits planned current fees make me hesitant.

I’m pretty sure fractional shares cannot be moved, they’d just be sold and transferred as cash when they implement it.
But yes, can’t wait for new ISA accounts to be implemented

What about if you continually bought fractional shares and eventually these amounted to over one share, eg you had 8.26 shares in Amazon. Would the 8 shares be eligible to be moved in specie and the 0.26 be sold? Are the 8 shares eligible despite being bought piecemeal?

Yeah, just whole shares can be transferred. They probably convert the shares into your name so you own the shares, and then those get transferred over. But you can’t technically own fractional shares, those are just owned within Trading 212

I see, that’s good to hear. Thanks for that.

I want to transfer part of S&S ISA in trading 212 to Trading 212 SIIP account (if it is already available) to gain 20% to up from HMRC so in this case I will have additional 20% my SIPP to be used for trading.

Does anyone know what is the best way to transfer from Trading 212 SIIP?

Do I need to sell my share in Trading 212 and then transfer it to Trading 212 SIIP (if already available)?

If you have any better suggestion it will be very much appreciated.


Trading 212 don’t offer a SIPP yet. It’s coming later this year

@Tony.V This might be a good place to give the update on this.


@AlexK @Bogi.H
Any updates on SIPP and LISA time lines

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Hey, :wave:

While SIPP is definitely within our future plans, LISA is not in the pipeline yet.

We can’t commit to a deadline for the time being, but we will keep you posted on any further updates.


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