Stock & ETF requests


M7T - ASX stock. T212 don’t have access to this exchange
RIB - Pretty sure you mean ALRIB, requested today so hopefully added later
SEE - Not on an exchange T212 currently support
MYSZ - Added to the list, will try next week
GDDCF - Not penny stock exempt
NEXCF - Not penny stock exempt
PHO.TO - TSE stock. T212 don’t have access to this exchange

If you go into the search function of the app and select ‘Browse All’, you can see the flags of the countries whose exchanges T212 support, so consider that before requesting stocks from ASX, TSE, etc.

For penny stocks go to and put the ticker in. On the right there are a few status bullets. You need Penny Stock Exempt to be one of them. You also need the market cap, volume and float to all be reasonably high for T212 to allow it currently, so check all that info on the same site before requesting.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, useful to know.

A good explanation of the request process, could you also add that (and go deeper if possible) on this topic?

It could help a lot and save some time for everyone, including T212.

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Thanks, though to be honest, the above is nothing I haven’t already posted in various other threads numerous times over in the past.

The problem is that A) no one knows how to search for this sort of guidance due to lack of keyword or just a general failing of awareness of the search function and what it can be used for; and B) it isn’t centralised anywhere on the forum, something I continue to maintain would be a massive benefit to the community.

I also don’t know ALL of the nuances within IBKR that dictate whether T212 can add a ticker. Some times the responses from David on why certain stocks can’t be added go over my head too! :wink:

That also why I post that, maybe a T212 FAQ on that or a T212 “Request Policy” will help save time, we see people asking a lot of things that was already asked before. E.g. US ETFs, Penny Stocks, etc.