Stock Market Manipulation?!

Given events occupying all financial new lately, isn’t it the case that interactive brokers and their likes are manipulating the market because the retail trader are winning for a change?

What I have learnt from this is that the institutions a.k.a. Wall Street are allowed to manipulate the market and destroy the retail traders in every way possible e.g. pension, fees, charges, shorts etc.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not necessarily against shorts either, they have their place but when the table turns, the free market should be left to sort itself and shake out the bad apples.

Whats your take on this? Also listen to Chamath Palihapitiya view on the matter; I can’t find the full interview


Blatant manipulation of the market. I will be shopping for a new broker that does not manipulate my orders.


many people seem to misunderstand what the “free” part of “free market” really means. :thinking:

Robinhood getting 2 Class action lawsuit already and massive backlash yesterday. It is pathetic watching cnbc and most their guests trying to get public to think that these big institutions and hedge funds are the victim. Interactive broker’s CEO’s explanation of why they had to do what they did was very poor and visibly condescending towards retail investors. Citadel putting out a statement saying they had no involvement whatsoever in the trading halting of those stocks. Cannot make this stuff up.

Can anyone recommend a trading platform that does not manipulate the market by preventing retail traders placing trades in favour of large institutions please?

I don’t necessarily blame T212 for this given that IB publically acknowledged that they issued the block.

However, on the point of the free market, I thought I knew what that meant. I’m happy to hear your understanding though.

“In the year 2021, Robinhood stole from the poor and gave to the rich.”- James Todaro , MD Twitter. The same goes for Trading212

Trading212, you want future? Stand for free market and by the people otherwise we’ll vote with our feet and monies. There’s anger in the streets and community. Expose those forcing you to make such decision to avoid backlash

@Bbang: Yeah I saw the chairman of interactive broker on CNBC last night, to put it simply, it’s pathetic and the disdain for retail traders was evident

@JoeyK: I’ve contacted Freetrade last night, waiting on them to get back to me. Defo on the look out for alternative brokers. Considering T212 appears to have joined the ranks and no longer the alternative.

Note: Robinhood CEO Vlad said, they will return access to restricted stocks today. GME was at $348 after market before I went to sleep.

As for the gate keeping media including financial news, they are part of the system(i.e the problem), the elite, out of touch, lairs and the list goes on.
#SqueezeDry #LettheSqueezeRe-begin #GMEto1000

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@phil_dupri you have misquoted me in your message. Please retract/delete that message as I did not use those words which you have attributed to me. Thank you.

How so? Please expalain.