Class Action Law Suit agains Robinhood

Now I understand the Interactive Brokers made you do this and bla bla bla. I dont really care. What I do know is that lawsuits are beginning to fly here and there and everywhere and I think you should reconsider your position in this. Will you be on the correct side of history like Fidelity or on the wrong one.


What part of “it’s out of Trading212’s control” people don’t understand? :neutral_face:

What part of “it’s out of their control” people don’t understand?

We’ll see won’t we. A number of other apps were able to stay open and continue trading GME and others. I imagine the class action lawsuit will be expanded to Trading 212, either directly, or to their brokers. The truth will come out as to how much of this was down to Trading 212’s staff.


It’s not really “a made you do this” scenario.

T212 use Interactive Brokers as their platform.

They can’t magically make it do something different even if they wanted to. Its IB’s API.

It’s blocked at Interactive Brokers side. :man_facepalming:

T212 staff have nothing to do with Interactive Brokers decisions.

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This probably the third or fourth time now. People will throw around the words class action Lawsuit and a year later there will still be total silence because nobody can find a law firm willing to back their claims.


T212 staff have nothing to do with Interactive Brokers decisions.

I suspect if everything trading 212 has said is true (if so it’s weird their initial reasoning was to protect users and not because they can’t), then the brokers they use and the robin hood app will still be part of the class action lawsuit.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


It could be if we hear anything. But usually it goes silent and we never find out what happened.

Other platforms have publicly said they think it’s unacceptable for their exchanges to be doing this and are trying their best to fix the situation.

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Someone found this in the Twitter history of RH:


This has never happened before and I imagine it will never happen again, so I’m not sure where ‘usually’ comes from. We’re in unchartered territories here, both in terms of what trading 212 and their brokers have chosen to do, and also both the amount of shorts allowed on any one company, and the group discussion and purchasing of one stock (as is the case with GME). I imagine all will be heavily debated by governing bodies in the months/years to come.

Robinhood (RobinhoodApp)

Let the people trade.



Article on CNBC:


You’re correct, what people don’t understand is that, “Might is always right”. Those poor retail investors cannot stand against those who make rules :smiley:

Example what happened to GNUS class action lawsuit :wink: lol

This should be interesting…


Its very interesting how it is never in their control. Their login system… Out of their control. Their trading… Out of their control. Now… I am not advocating for leaving the platform. I will not, personally. It is still the best EU platform. However, a state ment from them, ie. “we can sadly not enable buying GME because of restrictions” bla bla bla “however we strongly disagree with the practice and will be seeking legal reprocusions to the entity responsible”. But no. They dont give a shit. So they are not colluding, but they certainly are not looking out for the best for their customers. This is now clear.


so should they not be responsible for the 6 hours delay?

and why not liquidate all position with GME and AMC and only providing sell options?

This interactive brokers too, the stock goes up and look how much they increase the spread looks like a CFD…


The part where they make money of our trades and when they feel like they just stop the demand for a stock because someone rich messed up

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When market manipulation pushed crypto up for the first time, when people Lost big due to 3xrr short when tesla hype crashed the market and now with amc/GME. So yes, people shouting class action Lawsuit has happened multiple times in T212s history.