Stock moving to another broker

Hi. Lets say that in the future i want to move a part of my stocks to another platform. Is this possible?


I know this isn’t exactly what you’ve asked, but … the obvious solution would be to sell your stocks here, withdraw your funds, deposit your funds with another Broker, then buy the same stocks there.

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But that may have tax implications. Among other problems.


moving stocks will always incur problems and since its a future scenario, who knows if new problems will emerge by then that are beyond T212 itself.

@ovidiuovidiuovidiu Moving your stocks isn’t currently possible. However, we do offer cash transfers from & to other ISA managers.


This is perfect. Thank you.

Is there any reason why I cant transfer an ISA from one ISA manager to you without selling first. Being out the market for a few weeks while the transfer is going through is what puts me off.

@krr13 Unfortunately, stock transferring isn’t as simple as it seems. We’re actively working on achieving this but it’ll take some time. I can’t provide an ETA yet.


Does that mean you’re working on a solution to transfer stocks from the Invest account and the ISA account or just for the ISA ?

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@esteban The stock transfer will work for both account types.

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Hello, has there been any progress on this item? When will moving of stocks between brokers be available?
Also, would it be possible to move my account to an Trading212 platform in another country? I am currently planning to leave the country and will need to take the account with me.


Hi @David
Was there any progress on this feature on an ETA ?