Stock moving to another broker

Hi. Lets say that in the future i want to move a part of my stocks to another platform. Is this possible?


I know this isn’t exactly what you’ve asked, but … the obvious solution would be to sell your stocks here, withdraw your funds, deposit your funds with another Broker, then buy the same stocks there.

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But that may have tax implications. Among other problems.


moving stocks will always incur problems and since its a future scenario, who knows if new problems will emerge by then that are beyond T212 itself.

@ovidiuovidiuovidiu Moving your stocks isn’t currently possible. However, we do offer cash transfers from & to other ISA managers.


This is perfect. Thank you.

Is there any reason why I cant transfer an ISA from one ISA manager to you without selling first. Being out the market for a few weeks while the transfer is going through is what puts me off.

@krr13 Unfortunately, stock transferring isn’t as simple as it seems. We’re actively working on achieving this but it’ll take some time. I can’t provide an ETA yet.


Does that mean you’re working on a solution to transfer stocks from the Invest account and the ISA account or just for the ISA ?

@esteban The stock transfer will work for both account types.

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